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7 Practical Concept of Bedrooms with Attached Wardrobes

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Modern houses emphasizes on practical use of the furniture. This rule also applies on the bedroom. The concept of bedrooms with attached wardrobes is famous interior design in modern houses. The concept of this design is simple. The bed is placed against the wall on the head section. You place the wardrobe in both sides of the bed. It goes above the head section of the bed as well. As you can see, this interior design optimizes the space of your bedroom effectively. This grand design is often used in master bedroom where you have spacious room available to place the wardrobe.

As it goes with most interior design, the great bedrooms with attached wardrobes decor also comes with its advantages and disadvantages. As mentioned before, the advantages of this interior concept is that you can optimize the space of your bedroom interior. Moreover, the symmetrical placement of the wardrobe makes the room give luxurious impression. The beauty of this attached wardrobe concept is its other advantages. The arrangement of the wardrobe around the bedding makes the focal point of your bedroom interior is focused on the bed itself. Despite its decent placement and arrangement, this concept has some drawbacks worth considering.

The main of this concept is the amount of space required. Many great bedrooms with attached wardrobes decor requires spacious interior. Therefore, this interior concept is not applicable for bedroom with small space. Since both side of the bed is already occupied by the wardrobe, you have no room left for bedside table or drawer. All you can do is place them on the other side of the wall. The same situation goes for the vanity table. This placement is definitely not practical since you have to move from the wardrobe to the vanity table to get ready in the morning.

1 . Condo Styled

01 Condo Styled


Things include :   √. shoji screen  √. hollywood glamour  √. planeo cabinetry  √. conceals the laundry facilities  √. custom designed art wall  √. double bed  √  √. additional shelves  √. image of rock legend kurt cobain  √. luxury marble tile  √. single bed  √. waterfall sink effect

2 . Wooden Material

02 Wooden Material


Item must have : adjacent cupboards  √. aluminium framing bed  √. carved wooden edge band  √. concealed hydraulic gas pumps  √. sliding folding doors

3 . En Suite Elegant

03 En Suite Elegant


Item include :   √.   √. bank of panelled wardrobes  √. dressing table vanity unit   √. feature window  √. high vaulted ceilings  √. king size bedstead  √. luxurious grey textile  √. recessed stained oak book case  √. stained oak bedside tables  √. stained oak top underneath

4 . Modern Spacious
04 Modern Spacious


Item on Image :   √. bedside lighting attached mirrors  √. brown medium wood parquet floor  √. ceiling fan  √. cushion material in white  √. custom finished lightwood  √. hidden track light  √. two bedside table  √. walk in closet wardrobe  √. wine mirror panel

5 . Pale Blue
05 Pale Blue


Item on Image :   √. geometric pendant light  √. glamour  √. lots of texture

6 . Freestanding

06 Freestanding

Chelsea Pivot

Things include : ample storage  √. freestanding full-length wardrobes  √. precious floor space  √. wall-mounted cupboards

7 . Ocean Inspired

07 Ocean Inspired


Item must have : hewn dresser  √. bay window   √. brass fixtures  √. gently filter light  √. ocean inspired  √. reading area adorns   √. rich painted wood panel molding  √. rustic iron rod  √. the antique tray table  √. worn nautical motif  √. woven grass shades

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