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6 Recommended Colors for Bedroom Painting Ideas

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Bedroom is a particular place where you sleep and rest to regain your energy. The paint color used on your bedroom will help you to get relaxed. You can try several bedroom painting ideas for the wall. When it comes for selecting color for your bedroom, you do not have to choose only a single color. Selecting multiple colors at once can also create pleasant bedroom interior as well. Regardless your choice, it is important to choose color scheme that can blend nicely. Here are some recommended colors that you can use for the wall of your bedroom interior.

Shades of blue are the best colors trend, Blue has unique ability to direct your subconscious to get relaxed. This fact should not be surprising since relaxing view such as sky and ocean are also blue as well. Fortunately, you can select those colors into your bedroom. Lighter tone of blue can be applied on the ceiling. Meanwhile, the darker tone can be applied in the wall. The best part about blue is you can combine it with other color as well. Highlight colors such as yellow or green can be applied in the furniture or door frame.

It is also advisable to use soft colors for your bedroom painting. Soft color combination is recommended so that it will not overwhelm your vision. Strong color might burden your vision and make your eyes tired. This condition is not ideal if you want to get rest and relax. As a light color, any tones of grey are considered as the best colors trend for bedroom painting ideas. It will not overwhelm your vision as well, particularly when you know where to apply it. If you are planning to use strong color, it is recommended to apply it on the place where you cannot see while you are in bed. For instance, orange color can be applied on the wall against the bed.

1 . Rainbow Scheme

01 Rainbow Scheme

Lovely Indeed

Things include : adjacent materials rugs and bedding   √. furniture and fabrics  √. paint finish eggshell

2 . Pale Pallet

02 Pale Pallet


Item must have :   √. black rug   √. dark accent wall with peach  √. mint green accent wall  √. pale blue shade   √. shade/material of furniture  √. throw/accent rug

3 . Burgundy

03 Burgundy

Taru Villas

Item include :   √.   √. burgundy wall  √. colour shade bedroom wall  √. copper chandelier   √. metallic table lamps  √. neutral shades   √. stripes in black and white  √. sunburst mirror  √. wall art framed  √. white bedding

4 . Indigo
04 Indigo

What’s Ur Home Story

Item on Image :   √. accents in white and brown look elegant  √. ceramic vases  √. ikat and kantha traditional prints  √. jute and rattan  √. paintings framed in brown  √. perfect backdrop   √. rustic and earthy furniture  √. vintage lamps   √. wooden half poster bed

5 . Pear Green
05 Pear Green

Erinn Valencich

Item on Image :   √. copper accents  √. crepe pinks  √. dd finishing touches   √. elegant shades like ash greys   √. geometric patterns

6 . Amber Yellow

06 Amber Yellow


Things include :   √. amber backdrop  √. browns and dull pinks  √. greyish purples  √. kat prints  √  √. wooden flooring  √. lots of plants  √. natural textures like wood  √. navy and teal blues  √. slate greys  √. stunning hue  √. terracotta accents  √. woven cushions

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